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Generation X Studio is a producer of 3D films & software. Some of our software & plug-ins our available to download..

Daz3D Studio 4.14 Plugins 64bit Updated On:

  • New GrowIt Plugin updated on 19th June 2019 (New Animated billboards control box) Iray & 3DeLight specular friendly defaults, improved reloading of materials, faster.
  • Korg Plugin update on 6th Aug 2018 (Midi controller)Added GrowIt, WalkIt & SpriteIt Controls. More accurate buffering.
  • New update PoseIt Plugin update on 7th May 2022 (Pose Mixer )Allow window to resize.
  • FarmIt Plugin update on 14th Feb 2019 (Render Farm) Puts offline hard-drive back online, added allow overwriting of images & Auto start On Off check boxes.
  • SpriteIt Plugin update on 11th Feb 2019(Sprite Sheet Packer)Text output for float numbers. Added function to create multi mapping texures for GrowIt Plugin. Added Korg controller.
  • TextureIt V2 Plugin release on 8th Feb 2018 (Animated textures and create opacity maps automatically)Works with 4.10, Target single surfaces, Now works with shaders.
  • DirectX Plugin release on 8th Feb 2018 (Save 3D data as c++ text or mesh data to be use with DirectX)
  • New update WalkIt V3 Plugin release on 26th Nov 2020 (Creates and controls animation by following footprints, IK Animation.) Update: Growit can place footprint on landscape, Added Korg controller and windows make scoll window larger by closing areas. Added G8 filters for body posing.

    Daz3D WalkIt2 Plugin


Plugins tested on windows 10/11 64bit only, Windows 7 and 8.1 64bit will also work. Daz studio version 4.20 & less Note: plugin will no work with Mac computers!

GrowIt. Creates landscapes with wind animation. (1st Version of GrowIt is now released).

Created with Daz3D GrowIt Plugin

Animated Tree & Grass made with GrowIt plugin for Daz3D studio.

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