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  Generation X 3D Games Studio V8.1 Now includes a new web browser for 2012
The worlds fasted games compiler version v8.0 of DSM comprehensive solution for advanced 3D game creation. Brings a new level of super fast productivity for higher earnings due to the play and programme capability (Play game, stop game, programme and continue playing). Zero seconds compile time and full Machine Code Network Compiler for fastest possible game executions. Save your finished game as .exe file format and sell to anyone you like or why not create a internet game or and amazing web site.
Updated on 9th Feb 2012 / Next update 14th Feb 2013
3D Games Text Editor, ((larger)) Generation X text editor allows you to programme while the game is paused, no need to go back to the start again. Files are loaded once only unless you reset the programme to the start. Your code will be converted to machine code before running. Most C++ like Microsoft visual C++ will reset everything before running the programme Generation X can do the same or carry on where you left off. View the editor
3D Internet Browser Generation X™ 2012 now has its own built in 3D web browser, transforming the internet into something more interesting.
HTML instruction set now included. Turns HTML script into machine code. Mix HTML with Generation X source code. Upload your files the same way as any other web site, no need to extract files. Build a powerful custom web site that everyone will want to visit. Games download like a webpage!
radio control plane source code

Learn to fly a radio control airplane, requires USB joystick and Generation 3D Games studio 10/12/08
The source code is included for people that want to learn professional games programming. By Generation X 10/12/2007 Get the source code

Flight Sim Source Code Learn to program your own flight simulator game or build a full scale flight simulator in your back garden. Includes working 3D avionics graphics, sound and a Generation X title music to get you started. Get the source code
Arcade Machine 3D Coin Pusher Build real 3D arcade or gambling machines, use the K8055 USB Card to accept coins. Generation X was use for building this 3D arcade coin pusher. I guess this coin pusher arcade machine is good for ships. This code will show you step by step on how its was done. 15/9/2009 Get the source code
Pixel Shader Pixel shaders and vertex shaders 2.0. Pixel shaders control the color and alpha blending operations and the texture addressing operations. A programmable vertex shader is made up of a set of instructions that operate on vertex data. Registers transfer data in and out of the arithmetic logic unit (ALU). Additional control can be applied to modify the instruction, the results, or what data gets written out.
Velleman K8055

Support for USB Experiment Interface Board K8055. The K8055 interface board has 5 digital input channels and 8 digital output channels. In addition, there are two analogue inputs, two analogue voltage outputs and two PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) outputs with 8 bit resolution. The number of inputs/outputs can be further expanded by connecting more (up to a maximum of four) cards to the PC's USB connectors. Each card is given its own identification number by means of two jumpers, SK5 and SK6. Can be used with coin acceptors, coin hoppers.

Assembly Language Generation X 3D games studio has a built in assembly language compiler for optimizing your games source code. Generation X Assembler
3D Games Fireworks Effects

Fireworks Particles added to the particle effects engine. Includes rain drops particles , snow particles, smoke particles, vapor particles, fire particles, bomb particles, trail particles, ring particles, gas particles, gas cloud particles, spark particles, blood particles and the amazing blast particle effect. New Build your own custom particles effects.

3D Roulette Source Code Roulette
3D Games Effects Water 3D Computer games programming for modern gaming. Generation X has many FX such as water & rain, built in to the core game engine. Force Feedback 3D joystick effects can be used for that added game play fill. Generation X 3D Games Studio Source Code Download
3d bridge example

Built in ground detail maps so you can walk over and under bridges, walk around buildings.
Generation X has fast and smooth ground collisions detection which scans a 3D objects such as a ground map then builds a height data.
Program flight simulators, tank battles and war games and more. Generation X 3D Games Studio source code Download

2D Games Bolder Dash

2D Computer games programming for your classic retro games. Built in 32bit rotations, Z sorting and animation for sprites. Programming 2D games such as Pacman or even Star Wars is no problem for Generation X game engine. Download this source code

3D biped

24th, Dec,08 Learn how program your own virtual midi piano keyboard, with moving keys, include drum pad. Midi keyboard required Get the source code

Read back midi input messages for making you own instruments.

3D biped 3Ds Max Biped animating in Generation X 3D Game Studio 2007 without skins. Top games such as xBox 360 use this type of animation, known as skinning. A Skin is wrap around a skeleton the bones are animated but not shown and the skin is attached and moved.
Generation X 3D Games Studio Key Features 2012
  • New game engine, now download from internet like a webpage.
  • Built in internet browser for 2012, Reads HTML instruction set.
  • Program without restarting
  • New UI. Includes dialog, edit, combo, controls.
  • Bump mapping & environment mapping
  • 3D Render to texture. Video to texture, Web cam to texture
  • 3D Particle & custom particles effects
  • 3D Sound, MP3 Music, Midi Music, Sound FX
  • 3D Joystick Force feedback effects .FFE
  • 3D High & low terrain collision mixing
  • 2D Trees plants and rocks bill boarding
  • Compiles to machine code in under 100th of a second
  • View frame culling, what you don't see don't draw
  • Maths 4D Matrix indexing for animation
  • Biped skin & bones animation
  • Collision and intersect detection now included
  • Build exe file to sell your game, royalty free
  • Full power-integer and floating maths support
  • Volume shadows on object, skin and bones.
  • Internal scripting to arrays
  • midi input for reading device messages
  • K8055 USB Experiment Interface card
  • Pixel shaders and vertex shaders
  • Runs faster
  • Save hours and hours of work over C++ / Free updates

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